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Rhoades/Rhodes/Rhoads Reunion June 23rd, 2002

                                         Rhoades/Rhodes/Rhoads Reunion
June 23rd, 2002
Log by Participant

DJAMIE98: Is this the time and place of the Rhoades chat group?
DJAMIE98: Well, then, I'm in the right place.
DJAMIE98: I missed the last chat time, so I'll mention my earliest Rhodes ancestor:
DJAMIE98: Otho Rhodes was born 1840 in Morgantown, Monangahelia (spelling?) County.
DJAMIE98: Otho Rhodes shows up in Burlington, Iowa, by about 1860, when he enlisted
in the Union Army.
DJAMIE98: I am still looking for the names of Otho's parents and any siblings.
Otho's first marriage was to Olive Amanda Williamson. He and Olive Amanda
later divorced, and he ended up in Arkansas where he died about 1925 at the
age of 85.
DJAMIE98: As Bud would say, "Let's briefly introduce ourselves and tell our earliest
Rhodes/Rhoades ancestor.
DJAMIE98: Near Clarksville, Arkansas. He died 18 Jan 1925 and is buried in the
Hagarville Cemetery, Johnson County, Arkansas. I have visited his grave.
DJAMIE98: Mark--interesting connection from England. I believe my Rhodes ancestor is
of "Pennsylvania Dutch/German" background.
DJAMIE98: Otho Rhodes' son William Burk Rhodes ended up in the Alva, Oklahoma, area.
DJAMIE98: SJand...Thanks. To the Otho Rhodes/Amanda Williamson marriage, there were
three children: My grandfather George Edward Rhoades, b. 1870; the brother
William Burk Rhodes; and a sister Esther who married a Bunny.
DJAMIE98: After their parents' divorce, the three children and their mother moved to
the Beloit, Kansas, area, where their mother remarried--to a P.D. Reed.
DJAMIE98: SJand. . .Where was the David Rhodes born? In the divorce papers, a David
Rhodes is mentioned. Those divorce papers are from Burlington, Iowa, and
I would say they would be from around 1873 or so.
DJAMIE98: SJand. . . Thanks. A bit too far south from VA, but who knows? What was
his birth year?
DJAMIE98: Clarksville and Hagarville are in the northwest portion of Arkansas.
I have seen mention of some Rhoadeses in southern MO.
DJAMIE98: SJand. . . Thanks. I'm thinking that Otho Rhodes' father would be born
around 1815 or so as Otho was born in 1840.
DJAMIE98: Based on another branch of my family, many NC families ended up in TN,
esp. after the Revolutionary War when soldiers were claiming land bounties
in TN for their services in the Revolution. The northern and southern
DJAMIE98: boundaries of NC and TN are parallel (sp?) lines.
DJAMIE98: I like that name of Riley Ransom Rhodes--R3!
DJAMIE98: I just recently confirmed that Olive Amanda Williamson Rhodes Reed was a
DJAMIE98: By, Suzy and SJand. . . Hope to see you again.
DJAMIE98: I believe I'll be signing off too just now. I plan to copy the chat so
far to send to Bud. If someone else could send it from this point on,
I'm sure he'd appreciate it. DJamieson

Suzy Kooll: Yes, Djamic
Suzy Kooll: Wiley had a son named King James Rhodes but Im not sure who KJ's mother is.
Suzy Kooll: Im thinking Wiley was married to a Penny Barbee but I have no proof.
She might be KJ's mother
.Suzy Kooll: I am Susan Rhodes Martin. Earliest ancester is Wiley Trice Rhodes
b. 1819 Orange Co.
Suzy Kooll: KB, do you see any children for Penny?
Suzy Kooll: I have found where Willie and Penny married in 1838 but thats all I have
for them
Suzy Kooll: KJ was born in 1839 so it could possibly be his mother but where did
she go?
Suzy Kooll: Also I have found where Penny Barbee's father was named King Barbee and
that would account for the unusual first name.
Suzy Kooll: But its just like she vanished.
Suzy Kooll: And KJ doesnt show up on any of the census until much later.
Suzy Kooll: Im not sure where I found it but I found where King Barbee was Penny
Barbees father.
Suzy Kooll: My Rhodes came from Orange Co, NC and ended up in Cumberland Co, NC
Suzy Kooll: Good night all. Hope to see you in the next chat reunion. Good Luck all!

KBailey252: SJ you and Suzy might have common ones
KBailey252: Hi DJ--yes this is Rhodes country
KBailey252: both NC
KBailey252: DJ what lines are you seeking?
KBailey252: Sarah T Rhodes, dau of Christopher, Botetourt County, VA 1832
KBailey252: Ancestry shows Penny Barbee married to Willie Rhodes--gives considerable
tree and a contact
KBailey252: no children listed
KBailey252: shows him to be son of william --mother also penny
KBailey252: Vcw how about the 1850 census for KY as it is indexed
KBailey252: Suzy there are 58 Barbee in that tree I mentioned and King is listed
but not with children
KBailey252: VCW look at Oregon county MO in 1850 census
KBailey252: vcw what was wife name
KBailey252: Vcw --ok the one I was looking at had a wife named Dolly born in KY
and a set of twins
KBailey252: Vcw they had a daughter named Elizabeth born in 1824
KBailey252: wish I could have helped---bye for now

SJandRGR: Yes
SJandRGR: How's that?
SJandRGR: Buncombe was the older name of western NC, it's been divided, and has
another name
SJandRGR: Suzy, sorry King James is not familiar to me.
SJandRGR: I was mistaken-my husband's 5th great grandfather was Henry Rhodes of
Buncombe, NC
SJandRGR: where in Arkansas?
SJandRGR: Our Henry was born in the 1700's
SJandRGR: aha ! There's Rhodes' in western OK. We attended a reunion in 2000,
the descendents of David Rhodes, in Alfalfa, Caddo County. David's father
was Henry.
SJandRGR: Many Rhodes families still living in that area.
SJandRGR: David was born in NC or TN
SJandRGR: The family members moved to Southern MO & northern AR , both near the
NW borders.
SJandRGR: Oh, boy, you would ask me that! I'll look it up.
SJandRGR: David b.1791
SJandRGR: family of Henry: David, Charley, Jess, Fathia, Mary
SJandRGR: David died in MO
SJandRGR: Stone County, MO and Taney Co., MO where Lake Taneycomo was later formed,
SJandRGR: A son, Riley Ransom Rhodes was born in 1843 in Stone County, MO to John
and Dorcas Rhodes
SJandRGR: John was a veteran of the Civil War from 1862-1865-discharged at
Van Buren, AR (Sorry this cavalryman was Riley, and he married
Margaret Emery, with whom he had a daughter, Sophenia Celia in
Dec. 1866. Riley Ransom Rhodes became
SJandRGR: a widower when Margaret died the same day her daughter was born.
SJandRGR: very catchy name, huh?
SJandRGR: Later on Riley had 11 children with his second wife, Cordelia Smith Wright.
SJandRGR: yes, there were several instances of twins in ours.
SJandRGR: Thanks, I had a great time!

Vcwgeni: Is this Rhodes/Rhoades reunion?Vcwgeni: Would anyone have info on
relatives in Ky - 1820's - My great grandfather came from somewhere
in Ky to So. Ill - he had two sisters, unable to locate any other
of his relatives.
Vcwgeni: Oh and his name was John N. Rhoades from Ky, sister Catharine Jane
and Annie - all married So. Illinois folks.
Vcwgeni: I am Carole Kinder Watkins, my earliest known Rhoades is John N. born
1820 in KY, came to Jonesboro, Ill and married Elizabeth Martin in 1843
in Union County ILL. don't know much about him except we still have his
farm in family
Vcwgeni: John N. Rhoades buried Tripp Cem. Jonesboro IL had 10 children
Vcwgeni: Anyone have a Caloin Rhoades (one child named that) I think it may be
a family name.
Vcwgeni: And since I do not know where John N. Rhoades lived in Kentucky - where
do I start looking??
Vcwgeni: So Mo had a lot of Rhodes, especially Cape girardeau county.
Vcwgeni: Where did the Rhoades come from in N.C.? County?
Vcwgeni: Elizabeth Martin b 1825 in N.C., Tenn or ILL??
Vcwgeni: Well John & Elizabeth also had twin sons, William & Willis (Wm being
my grandfather) Did twins run in families back then???

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