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MAR. 26TH, 2000
Log by Participant

Anel252: <~~~~Melbourne, Florida
Anel252: Anyone have a Malachi Green Rhodes AL/GA in their line?
Anel252: DARB First name of your Rhodes in Melb?
Anel252: DARB- Do he have sons Mark and Jeff?

DARBO2: <~~~~~~~~~~Wichita, Kansas
DARBO2: Hello from the incredably flat state of Kansas, Dusty
DARBO2: Dusty Anne - Oldest anchestor I can prove is John B- 1807 D- 1890 was
married to Mary Gaston
DARBO2: My John Rhodes had 8 Children and sometime moved from Ohio to Mo, then
on to Kansas.
DARBO2: John had 2 sons that were killed in the civil war: James Luther and
Francis Marion
DARBO2: John had one child that I know was born in Jackson County, Oh
DARBO2: Anel252 I have an Uncle (Rhodes) who lives in Melbourne, FL
DARBO2: anel252 Sorry it's Claude Albert Rhodes, but we call him Dusty
DARBO2: Anel252 No Darn it! He has a son Bruce and a daughter Bonnie
DARBO2: no
DARBO2: I quess you better explain Google
DARBO2: cool, thanks
DARBO2: can you post the address please?
DARBO2: Tao Blake @ where abouts in MO? My Grandfather was born in Boone County
DARBO2: Did your Thomas ever steal horses? I have a story about a Thomas and his sons that went to
DARBO2: jail for horse stealing, but the broke out of jail and disapered for a while.
DARBO2: What was Thomas's fathers name?
DARBO2: For some reason I am thinking John Henrys sons were the horse theifs but I'd have to look
DARBO2: I must sign off now, but feel free to e-mail me with anything. Thanks, Dusty Anne

DJAMIE98: <~~~~~Shoreline, Washington, just north of Seattle and south of Edmonds, WA.
DJAMIE98: We sure did, didn't we? I heard it, but I didn't see it.
DJAMIE98: I guess we're supposed to list our earliest Rhodes ancestor?
DJAMIE98: My earliest is Otho Rhodes, born 1840, in Dents Mills, Morgantown, now WVA
DJAMIE98: Otho Rhodes, b 1840, Morgantown, VA; went to Burlington, IA; died in Arkansas about 1924;
DJAMIE98: Otho Rhodes' first marriage was to Olive Amanda Williamson, also born 1840,
DJAMIE98: my ancestor.
DJAMIE98: ECunni--Who did Mary marry?
DJAMIE98: Otho Rhodes, b. 1840, Morgantown, VA, was a Union soldier
DJAMIE98: enlisted from Burlington, Iowa
DJAMIE98: Thank you, ECuni
DJAMIE98: Otho Rhodes' son, George Edward Rhoades, my grandfather, was born 1870, in Burlington, IA
DJAMIE98: George Edward Rhoades had a brother William Burk Rhodes and a sister Edith
DJAMIE98: George Edward Rhoades homesteaded in SE Idaho about 1905
DJAMIE98: and served as Postmaster of Way, Idaho, just west of Soda Springs, ID
DJAMIE98: George Edward Rhoades' brother's family was later in OK
DJAMIE98: My great grandfather, Otho Rhodes, certainly had an unusual name, and it has
DJAMIE98: been helpful in many inuiries. In fact, today I received an inquiry about an Otho Marion
DJAMIE98: Rhodes born 1828 on a line based just north of the WV-PA border
DJAMIE98: Shoreline, Washington, just north of Seattle and south of Edmonds, WA.
DJAMIE98: F71--Seattle has some excellent genealogical resources. I've found a
DJAMIE98: lot in the Seattle Public Library.
DJAMIE98: The National Archives has an excellent facility here in the Seattle area.
DJAMIE98: Not lately
DJAMIE98: ECunni: I think that your Andrew J. Rhoades and my Otho Rhodes must be
DJAMIE98: at the same brick wall!
DJAMIE98: Tao: Yes, my Otho Rhodes was born in Morgantown, VA, now WVA
DJAMIE98: Tao: Otho Rhodes was born in 1840
DJAMIE98: Albert?
DJAMIE98: Thanks, all of you. I'll be signing off as well. (Otho Rhodes' descendant.)
DJAMIE98: I'll second that thank you!

DTGilesJr: NO.
DTGilesJr: no
DTGilesJr: grandfather Jarrett Rhodes Butler Co. ,Ala. Gr. grandfather Sanford Rhodes.
DTGilesJr: Good Night Thanks for information

Dusti Gen: <~~~~~~~~ transplanted Hoosier in Boston Mass
Dusti Gen: Michael RHODES b PA 1812 d IN 1863 m PA about 1838 Mary (K)NISS b PA 1818
Dusti Gen: I'm in Boston Mass and got kicked out of the room
Dusti Gen: no
Dusti Gen: yes
Dusti Gen: Who are you looking for? I can probably help
Dusti Gen: At least in Boston -- probably Rhode Island too
Dusti Gen: Are you in the Henry RHODES from Lynn Mass bunch?
Dusti Gen: Does anyone have a Monroe RHODES from IN (any spelling) in their family -- mid 1800s
Dusti Gen: RRR did Monroe live in Kosciusko Co IN?
Dusti Gen: Spring is Here... (Keyword to:
Dusti Gen: Good Night Bud, thanks for the invite.
Dusti Gen: Is that tonight for Ancestral Digs?
Dusti Gen: It is a tad past 11 EST
Dusti Gen: Ok, thanks.
Dusti Gen: Night all

ECunni9490: <~~~~~~~~Zephyrhills, fl.
ECunni9490: Yes, this is my first time.
ECunni9490: No very easy
ECunni9490: Yes, I do need help finding information on my clan.
ECunni9490: Andrew Jackson or Jefferson Rhoades. Was born in Ark
ECunni9490: I am researching my great/grandfather, he was born in Ark around 1840 to 1850.married Mary
ECunni9490: She married my g/grandfather, Her name was Mary Hooper
ECunni9490: What was the name of the book?
ECunni9490: Thank you for the information
ECunni9490: Anyone have any Rhoades clan in Texas.
ECunni9490: what was her name?
ECunni9490: no
ECunni9490: good
ECunni9490: yes, but didn'find anything
ECunni9490: I wish someone could help me, I am at a brick wall on Andrew J. Rhoades
ECunni9490: I am looking for Andrew Jackson or Jefferson Rhoades, born in Arkansas, moved to Texas 1870
ECunni9490: Andrew might be the son of George Rhodes in MO, .
ECunni9490: Yes, maybe mine was a uncle or etc.
ECunni9490: DJamie98, I also had a Albert in the family . When was he born
ECunni9490: gilbert albert
ECunni9490: Yes, he was my grandfather brother
ECunni9490: Thanks a lot, Sure enjoyed it. Let me hear from some of you on andrew J Rhoades.
ECunni9490: wished we would here in zephyrhills, fl.
ECunni9490: night all,

F7173969769: <~~~~~~~~Jenny Rhodes Fritsch here, from Lancaster PA...
F7173969769: For whom were you hunting?
F7173969769: Didn't realize the Rhodes/Rhoads clan made it that far west_
F7173969769: How many people are we expecting at this party?
F7173969769: What is the Roth/Roesch controversy? I missed that in English class
F7173969769: RJT-the land I am living on in Lancaster,PA was once owned by a Daniel Rhodes
F7173969769: Not sure, had the deed to my home traced and his name turned up.
F7173969769: I'm hunting Philip Roth/Rhodes m. Catharina Kohler in Lehigh Co., PA in 1760s
F7173969769: RHT-got out the deed. Daniel Rhoads sold the land in 1887 to my husband's family
F7173969769: I have a Daniel Rhodes in PA. Born Aug 9, 1810. Any help ?
F7173969769: Do the dates correspond for Daniel?
F7173969769: Lancaster, PA
F7173969769: DJ98, I'm headed your way on vacation for research? Maybe we can meet
F7173969769: GFS-where would you like the profiles sent?
F7173969769: Nooooooooo
F7173969769: does F7 mean fast forward?
F7173969769: Sounds good....
F7173969769: Yep!
F7173969769: Tell me more about Marie Engle...
F7173969769: So, Bernie, ever been snowed in for several days? _
F7173969769: Sounds like a match!!!!!!!!!
F7173969769: I have Rhodes in Carroll Co., MD
F7173969769: Rain is a four letter word here, just had 4-5" in 24 hrs.
F7173969769: Good night all!

HBeaty: <~~~~~~~~~~Ft. Smith, Ar
HBeaty: John Rhodes b unknown d. 1764 St. Mary`s MDNo
HBeaty: Does anyone have Rhoades/Rhoads from St. Mary`s Co., Md then to Va then to Ky
HBeaty: Thanks!
HBeaty: Goodnight

KathyP8: <-------is from Lennon (Where?) Michigan
KathyP8: My g grandparents were James Washington Rhoads 1846-1912, m. Ella White in Paris TN .
KathyP8: I am looking for Rhoads/Rhodes on both sides.
KathyP8: Anyone have a John R. Rhoads who was a steamboat pilot on Mississippi? Born about 1815.
KathyP8: What info would you have on my steamboat pilot?
KathyP8: Thanks, I'd really appreciate it. His wife may have been Cornelia.
KathyP8: I have another John W. Rhoads b. 1856, brother of James W.
KathyP8: My Rhoads went to Texas, then to TN, then to ARK.
KathyP8: My grandmother was born Larmar Co. TX, 1895
KathyP8: Harriet Mae Rhoads
KathyP8: We'll all run over there and plug it up, no doubt! _
KathyP8: What Andrew J. Rhoads are you looking for? I have one.
KathyP8: I bet we have some links here. On the male side a lot of the boys were named after relatives
KathyP8: My Andrew is son of James W., he wasn't born until 1901, but was probably named after a rela
KathyP8: Rhoarclass: what are dates on your Thos Rhoads?
KathyP8: I have a Thomas J b. 1845. Don't think its the same one!
KathyP8: ECunni9490: Do you have info on your AJ Rhoads?
KathyP8: Anybody have Rhoads from Blytheville, Arkansas area?
KathyP8: Thanks everyone for your help!

KBailey252: <~~~~~~Texarkana, Texas
KBailey252: Still looking for old Sarah, Bud
KBailey252: Sarah T, dau of Christopher, Rockbridge/Botetourt, VA, 1832
KBailey252: Night all,

Pedro4457: <~~~~~~~~~Winchester, Va.
Pedro4457: Looking for an Esther Jane Rhodes who was b. Woodbury, Bedford Co. Pa Feb 12, 1826
Pedro4457: NO NO NO
Pedro4457: Great!!!
Pedro4457: I think so
Pedro4457: The book about Rhodes in Bedford, Blair Co sounded interesting but I came in too late
Pedro4457: Thanks
Pedro4457: GFS Thanks for putting this together
Pedro4457: Spring has come to Virginia
Pedro4457: Good night and see you in June
Pedro4457: Looking for an Esther Jane Rhodes who was b. Woodbury, Bedford Co. Pa Feb 12, 1826
Pedro4457: Winchester, Va.
Pedro4457: NO NO NO
Pedro4457: Great!!!
Pedro4457: I think so
Pedro4457: The book about Rhodes in Bedford, Blair Co sounded interesting but I came in too late
Pedro4457: Thanks
Pedro4457: GFS Thanks for putting this together
Pedro4457: Spring has come to Virginia
Pedro4457: Good night and see you in June

RHOARCLASS: <~~~~~~Edgewood WA.
RHOARCLASS: Hello from the Beautiful Evergreen State of Washington..Bernie
RHOARCLASS: We just BLEW-DOWN the King Dome today in Seattle..we counldn't rescue it...
RHOARCLASS: Ha ha maybe we came from Asia...
RHOARCLASS: What is the latest on the Roth/Roesch controversy ? Is Engle the definitive final woed ?
RHOARCLASS: Bernie GG Grandson of Thomas
RHOARCLASS: Son of Daniel,son of Henry Senior
RHOARCLASS: All my people left the East (Missouri) and went to Cal in 1846.
RHOARCLASS: They left Edgar Co Ill in about 1838,where that Daniel Rho was buried.
RHOARCLASS: She has no E address...Snail Mail only which I have somewhere
RHOARCLASS: I finally got a copy of her book " Henry Rhoads Senior",I'm going to xeroz it for any taker
RHOARCLASS: We have a reunion in Sacto Cal for Rhoades (Rhoads) Cousins.
RHOARCLASS: Thomas Rhoads fam,were the FIRST Mormons to arrive in Calif overland
RHOARCLASS: ...just ahead of the Donners...They went FAST
RHOARCLASS: Born 1795 Muhlenberg Co Kty, died 1869 Utah
RHOARCLASS: Thomas Jr was born in Edgar Co Ill in 1830's
RHOARCLASS: Not That I know of..always a danger though.
RHOARCLASS: To..F7173969769: snowed in ? Thats why I left we have Beautiful RAIN.
RHOARCLASS: Bye. I've copied and will tak to you later.
RHOARCLASS: Thank you Bud..a bit of Chaos...

RJTCREG: <~~~~~~~oro Grande Ca
RJTCREG: Daniel Rhodes 1821 ,PA
RJTCREG: my daniel was in Ohio in 1845 marr a Leonard
RJTCREG: still looking for a Daniel in Pa that is were he was born
RJTCREG: my daniel b:PA moved to Ohio then to Ca
RJTCREG: great thanks
RJTCREG: there was a Dnniel that went with the rescurers but htat is not mine daniel
RJTCREG: my daniel did have a middle name that was a D. but do not know what it is
RJTCREG: thanks also it's great
RJTCREG: good night

Rmac061: <~~~~~~~Binghamton NY
Rmac061: I am looking for any information on my great great grandmother Ida May Rhodes Shimer Powers.
Rmac061: Anyone have any info on a Zadoc Rhodes All I know about him is he fought in the war of 1812
Rmac061: All the rhodes I would be looking for are from the Boston, Rhode Island , and Cortland NY
Rmac061: area.
Rmac061: I have been told a Rhodes relative left Boston because he did not want to pay a tax on
Rmac061: religion and settled in Rhode Island (Newport??) and a son(?) drown there in Rhode Island.
Rmac061: Is that Daniel Dewella Rhodes by any chance??????
Rmac061: Boy rj I wish I wasn't in the middle of moving computer at new house all my note and family
Rmac061: lineage at old house RATS
Rmac061: Possible GFS just wish I had my notes with me to confirm.
Rmac061: Good night All

RRRhoads: <~~~~~~~Hockessin, DE
RRRhoads: Roger Rhoads, DE now, formerly OH. Have got George Roth/Rhoades 1745-50, possible in
RRRhoads: PA, known ot be in MD in 1783 before going to Bdford,PA
RRRhoads: She wrote book on Rhodes/Rhoades in Bedford, Blair, etc. PA Co
RRRhoads: The Rhodes of Bedford, Blair, Huntgindon, #\etc. Co. PA" in 1985
RRRhoads: Going back a bit,What about Marie Engel and Roth/Roeth controversy or whatever?
RRRhoads: She wrote a book that told all about colonial Roth/Rhodes etc. in those PAcounties including
RRRhoads: Henry, George, etc. families
RRRhoads: Charles F. Rhoades (1891-1934),b. Greenville, OH,s/o Stephen and Clare
RRRhoads: Monroe F. Rhoades, b. 1852, Rush, IN to Lewis and Henrietta
RRRhoads: No Monroe in Kosciusko, but have other in that county that I can't find just now.
RRRhoads: TTFN

Tao Blake2: <~~~~~~~Hopkins Co. Texas
Tao Blake2: Hullo has just found the link Im looking for Rhoades and Quisenberry of Orange Co. Va to Mis
Tao Blake2: Missouri not Mississippii
Tao Blake2: Rhoades and Quisenberry dated ca 1750s Orange Co Va
Tao Blake2: Jane Quisenberry
Tao Blake2: Not checked Rhoades web lately
Tao Blake2: aNY Rhoades from Va and Missouri (Quisenberry) ?
Tao Blake2: DJamie98 Has Samuel, Gilbert Albert, Wayne annd Thadie rhoades1888
Tao Blake2: Going to sign off due to rat race at 5:30 am see next msg
Tao Blake2: Rhoades and Qusenberry from Orange Co Va to Mo. to Bonham Fannin Co Texas and Dike Hopkins C
Tao Blake2: Signing off due to work Keep up good work

Williams107: <~~~~~~~Rockford, Il
Williams107: Thomas C. Rhodes d 1864 LA Ca. but from oh or pa area originally
Williams107: Does anyone have Rhodes from around Stark Co. OH or the New Philadelphia, OH area?
Williams107: How about from around Pittsburg, Pa.?
Williams107: nope
Williams107: Sounds great
Williams107: yes
Williams107: Does anyone have a Charles F. from OH?
Williams107: My Charles F. was son of Thomas C.
Williams107: LOL
Williams107: My Thomas Rhodes was a speculator. He owned land, mines and coffee shipments
Williams107: from Costa Rica where Charles F was born.
Williams107: Thanks from me too.
Williams107: See you then.

GFS bud: <~~~~~is from Dubuque IA
GFS bud: Hi EC :00 Here for the Rhoades chat ?
GFS bud: Did you have trouble gettin here ?
GFS bud: Hope we get some of the regulars tonight
GFS bud: Where are you located ?
GFS bud: Hi KB: Are you here for the Rhoades chat ?
GFS bud: Jenny: Was in yout town about two years ago diggin for kin _
GFS bud: We will wait a bit for the late comers before we get into any formal discussions_
GFS bud: F71: I was looking for Gilberts
GFS bud: ((((((BERNIE <~~~ My Cousin )))))))))))
GFS bud: We will wait a bit for the late comers before we get into any formal discussions_
GFS bud: Hi Jamie _
GFS bud: ALL: Bernie is descendant from the Donnor Party rescurers _

GFS bud: Welcome ALL to the first RHOADES/RHODES/RHOADS
GFS bud: reunion of 2000 _
GFS bud: We are in the fifth year of these meetings on line and I hope
GFS bud: they have been of some help:)

GFS bud: In a few minutes we will ask that that you hold your comments
GFS bud: while each one tells us where they are from and who their
GFS bud: oldest known ancestor was and where they were located and
GFS bud: about when:) Let me call on you in turn when we start that.
GFS bud: KBailey You start _
GFS bud: Hold your comments til we get the names
GFS bud: Rhoarclass
GFS bud: Bernie ??
GFS bud: Williams ??
GFS bud: RJT Give us your earliest ancestor
GFS bud: Welcome KathyP8 to the Rhoades/Rhodes/Rhoads Reunion
GFS bud: on line. Tell us who you are researchin_
GFS bud: HEINREEK RHOADES, Frederick Co, Md and Bedford Co
GFS bud: PA in 1700rds. I am in Dubuque, Iowa
GFS bud: I am logging the chat and will edit it and send it to several
GFS bud: hundred other RHOADES/RHODES/RHOADS researchers on
GFS bud: AOL and on the Internet who could not be here. Please IM me
GFS bud: at GFS bud if you are also logging.
GFS bud: RJT How bout yours ??
GFS bud: Welcome Anel252 to the Rhoades/Rhodes/Rhoads Reunion on
GFS bud: line. Tell us who you are researchin_
GFS bud: We started these reunions 4 years ago being one of the first
GFS bud: three reunions on AOL. Visit my web page at
GFS bud: to view past
GFS bud: reunion logs.
GFS bud: Lets all just cross chat for a while and see if we can discover any new connections_
GFS bud: Bernie: These folks are from all different lines. Do
GFS bud: any of you besides Bernie and I know Marie Engel
GFS bud: ??
GFS bud: KathyP8 You steamboat pilot got to Dubuque in the early 1800rds,
GFS bud: Kathy: I will look up the stuff and E-Mail it to you _
GFS bud: Jamie and Bernie: Daniel Rhoads who died in
GFS bud: Edgar Co. IL in aboutr 1838 owned land in the
GFS bud: Burlington Co Area when he died

GFS bud: My Rhoades/Rhodes/Rhoads Web page URL is
GFS bud:
GFS bud: The log willl be up loaded to that page. Look at the Search files
GFS bud: from that page for possible matches.

GFS bud: Send me a direct line profile of your Rhoades etc ancestry and
GFS bud: I will add it to the files.

GFS bud: Sample Direct line Profile
GFS bud: George and Armakella Rhoades (He died in 1814 on way to Ohio)
GFS bud: Jacob Rhoades1781-1853 Bedford Co., PA and Montgomery Co., OH
GFS bud: Jacob Rhoades 1805-1882 Bedford Co. PA and Montgomery Co., OH
GFS bud: Hiram Rhoades 1838-1913 Montgomery and Darke Cos. Ohio
GFS bud: Jesse Rhoades 1881-1948 Darke Co., Ohio
GFS bud: Chalmer Rhoades 1905-1990 Darle Co. Ohio
GFS bud: Gerald Rhoades <---------me

GFS bud: Does everyone know about ???
GFS bud: Go to and insert your surname and you will get
GFS bud: mabe hundreds of links in split seconds on the surname

GFS bud: Have you all visited the Rhoades/Rhodes/Rhoads web page ??
GFS bud: DT Giles go to

GFS bud: Also on RHOADES/RHODES/RHOADS page you will find instructions to
GFS bud: subscribe to the Rhodes List Server where you can leave queries and questions
GFS bud: for all Rhodes Researchers on that list and receive all the messages posted to
GFS bud: that list.

GFS bud: From the Web Page you can link
GFS bud: to Daryl Leyton's World Descendancy Charts. Dayrl will add yours to his web
GFS bud: page if you like.

GFS bud: RHOARCLASS Bernie Rhoades is a direct descendant of the Donnor party
rescurers in 1847_
GFS bud: I met cousin Bernie at the Browder KY reunion which is linked to
GFS bud: the Web Page . You can even look at Bernie's Picture _
GFS bud: DTGiles: Have you ever contacted Al Rhods from AL He is at
GFS bud: He have written a book on the clan from that
GFS bud: area_

GFS bud: Let us know now or by E-Mail to BUDI or GFS bud if you have had any success
GFS bud: in your researches and where you think some good resources are found on the
GFS bud: internet.

GFS bud: ALL: I will edit the log of this meeting, put in order and send it out
GFS bud: to you and about 230 more researchers who are on the internet.

GFS bud: (Angela Rhodes) is searching for the parents and
GFS bud: ancestors of Robert Rhodes. Robert born about 1812 in N.C. Robert married
GFS bud: Candice (Candiss) Queen Clark. Date of marriage bond Oct 27, 1837 in Orange
GFS bud: Co. NC Help Angela if you can.

GFS bud: Thanks for coming tonight:) The log will be sent out shortly. The next On Line
GFS bud: meeting will be on Sunday, June 25th, 2000, at 10:00 EST in this Family
GFS bud: Reunion Conference Room.
GFS bud: Have a GREAT Spring !!!!!!! Regards, GFS bud. (Rhodes J. Isenhart Jr.)

GFS bud: Good night all: I host a midwestern Chat on Monday nights in the
GFS bud: Ancestral Digs Meeting room at 10:00 EST. You are welcome there
GFS bud: any time_
GFS bud: Good night from Dubuque Iowa

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